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2013 is here which means that many people will be making New Year’s resolutions for things that they want to improve. If you are a business owner, you can also get into the spirit of the new year by making some resolutions for your business. Here are three ideas of the types of goals you can set for your business in 2013:

1. Grow with new employees- One of the best New Year’s resolutions you can make for your business is to hire new employees. Hiring new employees will mean that you are growing your business and taking on so much new work that you need more people to help. A goal to hire one or two more employees over the course of the year will help you reach for new heights with your business.
2. Get a new office- If you are going to be growing your company and hiring a few new employees, then you may have to start looking at new office space. In today’s market there are a lot of commercial real estate buildings open for lease so you should have a lot of office spaces to choose from. Take your time finding the right place that will allow you to grow and also give you adequate room to do your work, at a price that you can handle.
3. Sign up for direct deposit- If you are part of a start-up or small, growing company then you may not have direct deposit at the moment. One of the best resolutions that business owners can make is to provide their employees with direct deposit. Direct deposit will require you to have the money for paychecks ready a few days in advance, but other than that will be a great route. Your employees will be happy not to have to take more trips to the bank, and you’ll save money on the cost of checks and envelopes. You can speak with an accountant and get your business setup with direct deposit for the new year.

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